Here are a few frequently asked questions about Abstract Magazine and Inkubator. Please feel free to reach out and contact us as well.


What is Abstract Magazine?
Catch the full story here.

What's the Inkubator?
Answers right here, buddy.

How do you choose the themes and what to feature?
Our editors come together (sometimes over drinks) and think about different genres that we might be able to explore through local stories. When we have a topic with at least 8 different story options, we go for it and select that one.

Do you have a press or media kit?
We do! Send us an email and we'll get you a copy.

Can I contribute to the next issue?
Send us an email and let's talk.

How can I donate to support the magazine?
You're the best! Send us an email here.


Do you offer subscriptions?
We do! They're available through our online store, or feel free to email us directly for more info.

Is there a digital version of the magazine?
No, although we republish some stories from past issues on our online journal. You'll have to purchase issues if you want to get the full Abstract experience.

How often are new issues published?

Do you reprint currently sold-out issues?
We keep a small backstock of past issues for sale, but no reprints.

Order / Shipping

If I live in Hawai'i, can I pick up issues directly?
Yep. Just email us.

How much does shipping cost?
Roughly $5, more or less depending on how far away you are from Hawai'i.

How long does delivery take?
About a week.

Do you ship around the world?
We do!

Can I change my shipping address?
Absolutely; send us an email.